Mother's Day Exclusive: She is the calm to my storm, wish I had the power to handle adverse situations like her- Aly Goni on mother Ruby Goni


"I'm a mamma's boy"- this phrase is something that Aly Goni will definitely resonate with. The actor dotes on his mother Ruby Goni and credits her for all the success in his life and career. The bond between the mother-son duo was seen in Bigg Boss 14 and people couldn't stop gushing over them. As Mother's Day, 2021, is around the corner, got in touch with Aly to know a little more about Mrs Goni.

Talking to, Aly revealed that it was his mother who encouraged him to participate in shows like Nach Baliye 9, Khatron Ke Khiladi 9 and Bigg Boss 14. Calling her the "calm to his storm", the actor wished he had the power to solve problems and handle adverse situations just like his mother.

Excerpts from the interview:

What’s your mother’s contribution to your successful career? 

My mother's contribution to my career is the maximum. She never stopped me from pursuing my dreams and always has faith in whatever I do. Maybe that's why my journey has been smooth. If you have your mother's faith and prayers with you, everything falls in place. 

A lesson taught by your mother that you’ll take to your grave?

My mother has always taught me to respect elders. She has also made sure that we understand the importance of charity. I have learnt from her that whenever someone is in trouble, I should take a step forward to help them.  

At any point, did you regret not listening to your mother's suggestions?

Mostly, I always listen to what she says. She has played a key role in helping me sign shows and take decisions. My mother encouraged me to sign Nach Baliye 9, Khatron Ke Khiladi 9 and Bigg Boss 14. Maybe, I never listened to her in my childhood but now, I also take her advice seriously. 

Your most special memory from your childhood spent with your mother?

There are many and not just one! My entire childhood is all about the quality time I spent with her. Bachpan mein galtiyan kar ke bohot paar padi hai unse (laughs).

Is she the calm to your storm?

Yes, definitely. Whenever I'm angry, not in a good mood, sad etc, I just talk to her. That's the medicine for all my problems. 

What’s your mother’s best quality? Which quality of hers you wish you had?

My mother handles adverse situations with ease. Whenever we are in some trouble, she jumps to our rescue and solves it easily. I wish I had this special power that my mother has. If it happens, I'll be the best person on Earth. 

Did you experience any phase where you were stuck deeply in some problem and your mother brought you out of it?

That has happened so many times. When I am stuck in some problem and I don't understand how to come out of it, she is the one who helps me out.