Exclusive: It will be like walking down memory lane: Mahira Sharma on watching the re-run of 'Bigg Boss 13'


Salman Khan's Bigg Boss 13 undoubtedly shattered the TRP charts with endless entertainment and drama for four months. Now, as the show came to a spectacular end on February 15 with Sidharth Shukla declared as the winner, fans are surely missing their daily dose of gossips, romance and fights. However, in an unfortunate change of situation, thanks to the rapid spread of the deadly Coronavirus, shoots of new shows, films, etc are restricted, leaving the makers of Bigg Boss 13 to re-run episodes on Colors. Giving a piece of delightful news to all its fans, the channel issued a fresh promo on their social media platforms confirming a re-run.

Soon after the news broke out, PeepingMoon.com got in touch with Mahira Sharma, who impressed people with her strong game plan and came under the limelight for a romantic angle with Paras Chhabra. Mahira couldn't make it to the top 6 as she, unfortunately, got evicted a couple of days before the finalists were decided. The actress, when asked whether she will switch on the television to watch the re-run, told that she will watch it and relive her memories. She further added that the repeat telecast will help her re-evaluate certain situations and view it from a different perspective. "I am going to watch the re- telecast of Bigg Boss 13 tonight and relive my memories. May be these episodes will give me a chance to reevaluate certain situations & see it from a different point of view. Walking down memory lane," Mahira told.

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Well, not just Mahira, even we are all set to relive some precious and fun moments with the re-run. The self-quarantine period just got better, didn't it?

The repeat telecast of Bigg Boss 13 started yesterday night at 10 pm on Colors. These episodes will be shown until the ban on shoots owing to Coronavirus is lifted.