EXCLUSIVE: Kiku Sharda-Upasana Singh talk about The Kapil Sharma Show going off air


The Kapil Sharma Show has been in news ever since the year kick started. The show that once gave viewers all the reasons to laugh and lighten up their weekend, was suddenly surrounded by every controversy possible.

The recent news that comes as a blow to TKSS fans was of the show going off air, out of the blue.

We contacted Kiku Sharda and Upasana Singh who confirmed that the show indeed will not be able to see the light of day anymore.

While talking to us about the same, Kiku said, " Yes, it's true that TKSS will no more be aired on TV. Owing to Kapil's ill health, the channel and Kapil unanimously have decided to take a short break." So is he happy with the decision?! "It's not about being in favour of the decision or not. For us, right now theost important thing is Kapil's health, which has not been stable since a long time now. We want him to stay healthy and once that is attained, we will surely come back with a bang."
So will he miss shooting for TKSS till then?! "You guys make us so emotional by asking such questions," laughed Kiku.
"Yes, I'll definitely miss the stage but only for a while because we will be coming back for sure. I have always played good characters on TKSS and will surely miss stepping into their shoes."

Talking to Upasana Singh aka Kapil's on-screen Bua, the actress stated that she had stopped shooting for TKSS two months ago. "Yes, I heard of the show going off air and I feel it is for the better. Kapil's health has definitely been at its worse in the last few weeks. This had led to cancellation of various TKSS shoots that had Bollywood stars involved. That led to questioning his professionalism and actually for no reason it was putting him into negative light. It's a good thing that the show will go off air for a while and once Kapil is a fit and fine, they can comeback with a bang."

Kapil's health has been deteriorating owing to a lot of pressure both on the Television and Bollywood front, owing to TKSS and his upcoming movie Firangi.
This is one of the topmost reason given in clarification of the show suddenly shutting it's shop.

Recently, the news of Kapil having annoyed Ajay Devgn who had taken to the TKSS stage to promote his movie Baadshaho, went viral, yet again putting Kapil into the negative light.

But Ajay refuted all such rumours and cleared that there was no bad blood between him and Kapil.

Now, TKSS' slot will be taken over by The Drama Company helmed by Krushna Abhishek and team.