PeepingMoon Exclusive- Malaika Arora must be 'wondering Munni toh yahan hai': Mona Singh, Sharvari and Abhay Verma on Munjya

Maddock Films is gearing up for the release of the upcoming film, Munjya. It is directed by Aditya Sarpotdar and led by Mona Singh, Abhay Verma and Sharvari. The horror-comedy releases in theatres tomorrow. The teaser of Munjya, set in Konkan, delighted the audience with the smart referencing of Malaika Arora's Munni Badnaam Hui song. The film's lead character, a CGI creature, is on a hunt to search for his mysterious Munni. 

In an exclusive interview with PeepingMoon, Mona, Sharvari and Abhay revealed whether the team of Munjya showed Malaika the teaser and sought her reaction to the mention of Munni. Sharvari said, "I don't know her personally so." To this, Mona added, "I know her, but I know her as a friend. I'm sure she must have seen the trailer and wondering Munni toh yahan hai (laughs)."

Sharvari further shared, "But unhone humare teaser par char chand laga diye. We have to give credit there, the song is iconic. The minute we made this creature and we got the song, people were laughing. They were resonating. She just brought it together for our teaser. We're really grateful."


In the exclusive interview with PeepingMoon, the cast of Munjya shed light on building a unique world with a CGI character. Sharvari, who set the screen ablaze with Taras, opened up about shedding the girl-next-door image, and showing her true potential with the horror-comedy, her upcoming spy-thriller with Alia Bhatt and Vedaa. 

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Maddock Films announced special midnight shows of Munjya today at select theatres across the country.