PeepingMoon Exclusive: 'Yes Papa pushes me and my limits, haven't done something like this before,' says Ananth Mahadevan

Ananth Mahadevan is a name that doesn't need an introduction. With an illustrious career in the Indian cinema in various measures, he continues to focus on delivering nothing but the best. Now, the veteran actor brings yet another film revolving around an important hard-hitting subject. The film titled Yes Papa is directed by Saif Hyder Hasan and features Geetika Tyagi in the lead. The story touches upon child abuse of a daughter at the hands of her father.

Yes Papa has been lauded by the National Human Rights Commission and the Delhi Commission of Women. In an exclusive interview with PeepingMoon, Ananth Mahadevan spoke about his first thought after being approached for the film. 

He said, "The initial thought was the same it's a tough subject to visualize and we have to also execute it in a cinematic way. It's a concept and it's an incident. How do you do this without hurting sensibilities or losing its impact at the same? I knew that there was a challenge here. I always feel that the more challenging a project is, the more difficult the project is, and the more people have said no to it, I feel that there is something that I should take up and do because it would push me and my limits and also help me do something that I haven't done before.

Ananth Mahadevan further added, "If I'm worth my salt as an actor, I should be able to pull this off without resorting to any over-the-top methods. Try and keep it subtle, try and keep it understated, which is a difficult thing to do, considering the enormity or the monstrosity of this character at hand, the father who invades the privacy of his daughter. For me or any actor for that matter, no one has ever thought of it in this way. We've all thought of criminals, we've thought of scams. We've thought of every other villain except this villain, which you can't even imagine you would be or even want to imagine how one would be. So that made it tougher, and that made it exciting for me."

Yes Papa releases in theatres tomorrow.