Exclusive | Karan Singh Grover says he's inspired by wife Bipasha Basu every day: Wherever she walks around, there are flowers everywhere

It is Valentine's Day and love is in the air. Bollywood couples are celebrating the day with enthusiasm. Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover, one of the most adored pairs, are painting tinsel town red. In an exclusive interview with PeepingMoon, the Fighter actor spoke about his partner and how he is inspired by her daily.

Talking to us, Karan called Bipasha a perfectionist. He shared, I'm inspired by Bipasha every day of my life. As a person, she is so perfect. Everything that she does is right. She is always on time and fulfils her commitments perfectly. Her aura is such that everything negative falls apart if you are around her. There's a famous saying that you should always be in a state of giving. Every molecule of your body should be giving to everything around you. Bipasha was born like that. I have to always inculcate that into myself. I keep telling her that I feel like she walks around like a swan and there are flowers everywhere. 


He further showered love on his and Bipasha's daughter, Devi and said, "I have never seen anyone smile like that all the time. Devi's smile is like sunshine. She reminds me that every second of the day is amazing. She observes every small thing. Right from objects on the floor to the rotation of the ceiling fan, she will look at it carefully and enjoy smaller joys."

The Basu and Grover family is simply adorable!