Exclusive | The Archies actor Vedang Raina: Casting directors would ask about my Instagram following during auditions

Vedang Raina stole the title of the nation's new heartthrob with his debut film, The Archies. After a month of the musical's release, the young actor continues to win hearts with his exceptional talent and good looks. As fans are curious to know what's his next project, Vedang spoke to PeepingMoon exclusively about dealing with social media pressures and attention that came with the success of his performance in The Archies.

When asked about the social media pressure faced by the younger generation of actors, Vedang recalled the initial stages of his career when casting directors would be more concerned about his Instagram following during auditions. He shared, "I remember the time when I was auditioning, there used to be this chatter and conversation amongst some agencies and some casting directors about how many followers I have on Instagram. Back then, I was someone with no social media presence at all and used to think, why that would ever matter? They used to ask me how and what my following is. I used to find that silly and absurd because I don't think that matters in what you do on screen and in an audition."

Reacting to the social media attention and trolling, Vedang said, "I'm very new to this industry. So, I'm barely getting used to all the attention that comes with being in a film. The Archies released barely a month ago and I'm still getting used to it. It hasn't affected me. I think people have been generally quite kind, even though there is a lot of trolling here and there. I'm able to filter, filter out what's coming from a place of prejudice and what's coming from a place of constructive criticism. I think in general, that's what all of the younger generation of actors should do when it comes to social media, even though it might get hard at times."