PeepingMoon Exclusive: Haven't got the due I deserve, filmmakers are yet to explore my 100% potential- Karishma Tanna

Karishma Tanna is among the few actresses who made it to films and OTT after enjoying a successful career on Indian television. With an illustrious career to be proud of, she is a star who's shining the brightest while doing challenging roles. In an exclusive interview with PeepingMoon ahead of the premiere of her Netflix show, Scoop, Karishma spoke about her journey from TV to films and then the web space. 

Talking to us, Karishma recalled her mother's advice to her and how she was the only one to recognise her dream of becoming an actor and stood as her pillar of support. The actress further expressed her desire to work with SS Rajamouli, Vasan Bala and Raj & DK.

Excerpts from the interview: 

You've worked in the industry for almost 20 years...

It's unbelievable na. I still believe I have just started off. There hasn’t been a single day I felt ab bas ho gaya. I feel there’s still so much to do and I cannot stop acting. I am lucky to get a chance to do multiple projects on different platforms.

What's the biggest takeaway from your career? 

I don’t do things that don’t excite me. I don’t believe in wasting my days, months and years. I have taken projects with all my passion. Having said so, I feel Scoop is my breakthrough show and I have never done such a project before and worked so hard ever.

Did you struggle to find meaty roles while shifting from TV to films and OTT? 

I understand why people who have had experience working in TV shows take time to make it to films or even OTT. Initially, I would be like why am I not getting projects apart from TV? It was frustrating back then. Now, I understood that if you’re on TV 24x7, the audience can see you daily. Then why would they come to watch you in theatres or subscribe to an OTT channel? If there's no newness, they won't pay attention.

Yes, I did struggle to get good films because of the same reason. I felt I didn’t get what I really wanted and deserved. When such things happen, you make do it and coax yourself into believing everything will fall in place soon. I believe I am yet to get the due I deserve. 

What's that one non-negotiable for you in your career?

I know there's a lot I can offer. Hence, my aim is to only take up projects that challenge me. If people like me in a particular role and wish to put me in a box, I can never do it. 

Do you feel filmmakers are yet to explore your potential as an actor?

Yes, they’re yet to explore my full potential and after Scoop, I hope to open doors for many meaty roles and make producers and directors believe that I have potential and talent. OTT has grown manifolds and if given a choice, I would love to do more of it with big filmmakers. Films aaye toh sone pe suhaga but all I want is good work.

You belong to a non-filmi family. Did you get full support from your family? What was that one piece of advice you will take to your grave? 

I come from a middle-class Gujarati family and except for my mother, everyone was against it. People said it isn’t a good industry and 'ladki bigad jayegi' etc. I was clear that I wanted to face the camera. Only my mother believed in me and supported my dream. She would come with me for my auditions. One thing my mother said was don’t break my trust. Despite being in a difficult profession, I know my grounding and where I stand. 

Is there any particular filmmaker you wish to work with? 

I wish to work with SS Rajamouli as I am a big fan post-RRR. I would love to collaborate with Vasan Bala and I love his filmmaking. Raj & DK are also my favourites.