PeepingMoon Exclusive: Ayan Mukerji comes on board to direct Hrithik Roshan in YRF Spy Universe's War 2

Yash Raj Films’ Aditya Chopra has conceptualised the famed YRF Spy Universe about gun-totting super spies with a license to kill. The franchise, which has become one of the most prized IP’s in cinema today, features three of the biggest superstars of the country - Shah Rukh Khan as Pathaan, Salman Khan as Tiger and Hrithik Roshan as Kabir from War

All the YRF Spy Universe films are blockbusters with Pathaan becoming the highest-grossing Hindi film in the history of Indian cinema. Expectations are sky high from every film of the YRF Spy Universe and Aditya Chopra is handpicking the best talent in India to act and direct these films. We now have information that Ayan Mukerji, who has a history of delivering blockbusters, has been picked to direct War 2 that will see Hrithik Roshan reprising the role of the suave super-spy. 

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A trade source on conditions of anonymity said, "Aditya Chopra is choosing the captain of the ship for each YRF Spy Universe film strategically. Ayan has delivered big hits which appeal to all audience segments and has the pulse of Indian audiences. He has shown that he knows how to mount a film on a huge scale, which is essential for someone to direct War 2. Plus, he is a young filmmaker who can bring a different kind of newness to the Spy Universe. Ayan will have his unique take on how to make an epic action spectacle with War 2. Aditya Chopra trusts him to take the franchise forward. Ayan directing War 2 is probably the most exciting announcement of recent times. All eyes on him to make the franchise and the YRF Spy Universe bigger."

Speculations that Ayan is directing War 2 started when the director uploaded a note this morning and hinted at directing ‘a very special movie!’ He wrote, "Hi :) The time has come - for some updates on the Brahmastra trilogy, the Astraverse, and my life! After absorbing all the love and the feedback on part 1... I have been focused on creating the vision for part two and part three - which I know will be bigger and more ambitious than part 1! I have learnt that we need a little more time to perfect the script of Brahmastra two and three! And... I have decided that we are going to make the two films... together! Allowing them to release closer together! I have a timeline in place to achieve this, which I am sharing with you all today! I have another piece of news to share...The universe presented me with a very special opportunity recently - a very special movie - to step into and direct. What the movie is... more on that when the time is right :) An opportunity that challenges me and terribly excites me... one where I will learn, be inspired and where I will grow! So, I have decided to take it up!! Opening myself up to all the positive energies in this universe so I can do my best and contribute to that one thing that matters most to me - Indian Cinema! Love and Light, Ayan."

We cannot wait to see the magic Ayan brings to the franchise.