PeepingMoon Exclusive: If people question you, 'Tum kaisi dikhti ho tum' & 'Kisne banaya tumhe,' then anyone will get triggered- Bigg Boss 16 evicted contestant Manya Singh

Miss India 2020 runner-up, Manya Singh, got evicted from Bigg Boss 16 on Sunday. She became the second contestant to bid adieu to the show. The episode, which was hosted by Karan Johar in Salman Khan's absence, concluded with the completion of Manya's three-week-long journey. 

In an exclusive interview with, Manya called her eviction unfair. Calling Shalin Bhanot, Soundarya Sharma, Tinaa Dattaa, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia 'fake', she also felt Sumbul Touqeer should have been the one to exit Bigg Boss 16

Excerpts from the interview: 

You are the second contestant to be evicted. Disappointed? What according to you went wrong? 

I am disappointed. I feel I deserved to stay in the house over so many other contestants. There are some contestants who got enough push but aren’t still bucking up. When I was told once, I decided to play. Sumbul Touqeer was often guided but she is failing to pick up pace.

Who should have been evicted instead of you?

Sumbul should have been evicted instead of me.

Were you uncomfortable in the house with anyone’s presence?

I was certainly uncomfortable with Soundarya Sharma’s presence inside the house.

You were criticised for always saying, 'Main desh ki ladkiyon ko represent kar rahi hu'. What’s your opinion on this?

Whatever I said is true as I am representing young women of India outside as well as inside the house. I am here because of them. It would be unfair of me to say I managed to achieve this all by myself. It is because of their love and support, I am here. They say Manya humari Miss India hai and never Manya Miss India. Main common logon ki Miss India hu. I am ok with people criticising me. Joh proper Miss India ka personality hota hai, voh nahi hai mera. Main bohot normal hu. Jhagda karti hu toh dil se karti hu, gaali deti hu toh dil se deti hu. That is how I am. Main deti hu gaaliyan, aur main aise family se aati hu jaha gaaliyan dete hai

You tried to maintain your calm but lost your cool at regular intervals. What prompted you to lose your calm? Any triggering moments?

The one thing I respect the most in my life is my Miss India runner-up title. I get triggered when people point fingers at me and my upbringing. I never spoke about anybody's parents so when people do that with me, I cannot stand it. If people question you, "Tum kaisi dikhti ho tum", "Kisne banaya tumhe," toh koi bhi normal insaan trigger toh hoga hi.


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When the entire house was against Gori Nagori, what made you extend your support to her?

I felt Gori was right. The housemates believe in bhedchal. Karan sir, who wasn't even in the house at that time, said Gori was wrong and people agreed without realising that we witnessed the entire incident right in front of our eyes. I took a stand for her and stood by it. 

Your stand on Archana Gautam & Gori Nagori’s fight backfired. What’s your say on that?

I genuinely don’t care as I believe I stood up for the right person. The housemates favoured Archana but nobody bothered to understand that Gori was subjected to physical assault twice in the house. The matter was not taken further as Gori could have been eliminated. After looking at both sides, I supported Gori as an individual and not as a friend.

What caused you to take a dig at TV actors & their profession?

When people take a dig at my profession, I will question theirs too. Agar mujhpe koi patthar marega toh main phool thodi na barsaungi.


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Who is the mastermind of the house?

The mastermind of the house has to be Sajid Khan. 

Who’s the fakest contestant and why?

I believe those who are playing the game currently are the fakest ones. For example, Shalin Bhanot, Soundarya Sharma, Tinaa Dattaa, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia. Yeh saare mask pehen ke baithe hai. I hope inka mask gire aur sabko real chehre pata chale.

If given a chance to re-enter the house, would you take it?

I would love to.