PeepingMoon Exclusive: Barkha Singh, Asha Negi and Raj Anadkat talk about Friendship Day 2022!

The entire country celebrated Friendship Day on Sunday. Here's what tinsel town stars Barkha Singh, Asha Negi, Raj Anadkat and Sanjana Sanghi have to say about celebrating the day and their friends.

Barkha Singh

Friends are our chosen family and I feel they have a huge part to play in our mental and emotional well-being. Personally, I prefer quality over quantity when it comes to maintaining friendships especially as we get busier in life. But for me, my friends are everything and I make sure I spend enough time with them and be there for them, just a phone call away when they need me. I feel blessed to have a great set of friends.

Asha Negi

As a school-going child, my friends and I were really excited about this day. Not just this day, but the entire week. Now, that we have grown up as an adult, we usually don’t celebrate. We know that we are there for each other. I have few friends in my life and I am really happy to have them. I am a person who believes in quality over quantity.


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Raj Anadkat

I think it’s not only one day you celebrate these days. Like friendship day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, every day is special with your near and dear ones. But it is surely a day where you call or text your buddies and have a good reason to hang out with them. I don’t think so you can celebrate these special occasion like a friendship day or a mother’s day in one just one day. I believe that every day is special itself with your near and dear one’s. My bond with my friends is really very good.  Also, my song, Sorry Sorry has also been released. So if in case, I was unable to be in touch with them, my Sorry Sorry to you.


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Sanjana Sanghi

Friendship for me is something that completes me, it’s my safe space. I’ve grown up in a household where my parents have been my best friends, which has helped me cultivate all my other relationships. I went from a co-Ed school to an all-girls college where I found the potent power of female friendships. Incredibly strong women who are sisters today and we lift each other up every second of the day. I love that in my friendships, one is absolutely okay with comfortable silences.