PeepingMoon Exclusive: 'Kartik Aaryan instantly agreed to do Dr K's cameo Masaba Masaba 2 without asking for anything,' reveals producer Ashvini Yardi


The much-awaited second season of Netflix's Masaba Masaba premiered on July 29 and the audience is loving it. Headlined by Masaba Gupta and Neena Gupta, the show also stars actors like Neil Bhoopalam, Rytasha Rathore, Ram Kapoor, Kusha Kapila, Kareema Barry, Barkha Singh and Armaan Khera to name a few. While Masaba Masaba 2 is a success on Netflix, spoke to its showrunner, Ashvini Yardi.

Talking to us exclusively about Masaba Masaba 2, Ashvini said she believes the new season belongs to the writers as they managed to address important topics like egg freezing, work life and personal life balance and more. She further praised Kartik Aaryan for his cameo as Doctor K and gave an update about season 3 of the popular web series. 

Excerpts from the interview: 

Masaba Masaba 2 is as successful as the first season...

We were trying out things in the first season because the whole genre was experimental. This time, we’ve upped everything, be it the production value, costume etc. It is a show that we are proud of, including all departments, especially writing.  

Masaba Masaba 2 has some big cameos. Do you give your creative input too?

Cameos are my favourites and that is also the format of the series. Since Masaba Gupta and Neena Gupta are related to the fashion and film industries, we make sure that the cameos are relevant and not just for the sake of doing it. Cameos have a sense of humour in them.  

Bappi Lahiri and Kartik Aaryan’s cameos were the most special ones. What was the atmosphere on the sets while they were shooting?

The whole season began with Kartik Aaryan’s cameo as Doctor K. I’m grateful to Kartik because it was just a phone call to him and he agreed to do it without asking for anything. In today’s world, everybody wants something in return. He didn’t even ask him what he’ll get in return. He removed time from his busy schedule and managed to come for Masaba Masaba 2's shoot. He was amazing as Doctor K.  

Bappida was, of course, a legend. I worked with him earlier in Sa Re Ga Ma and it was such an honour to have him in the show. I feel the show was blessed to have him.  

Did you sanction some creative liberty to the team for Masaba Masaba 2?

The second season is more of fiction. If you see the storyline and track, it is something every woman experiences in her personal and professional life.  This season was more about working women in different age groups. There’s Masaba’s group which is in their 30s and then there's Neena ji’s group which includes women in their 60s.  It is very important to bring out these issues which are unexplored. Otherwise, whatever you have seen in the past, is very superficial. The writing team, led by Sonam (Nair, director and co-writer), has done a great job. They’ve picked up incidents from our lives. For me, Masaba Masaba 2 is the writers’ season. They’ve given it depth,  and have explored important yet minor issues we all face. There's also the important issue of egg freezing.  

Masaba Masaba 2 has interesting characters. Have you planned a spin-off on any of them?

As of now, no. We’re still enjoying the success of Masaba Masaba 2. But yes, there are so many spin-offs that can happen. It is a great idea, let’s see when we can explore it. 

Is Masaba Masaba 3 on the cards?

Fingers crossed. Nothing as of now, we’re still enjoying the second season’s success. We already have a story idea, we think of the future!