Father's Day 2022 Exclusive: There's a lot I need to live up to his legacy, wish to carve my own identity just the way he did- Karan Deol on dad Sunny Deol

Imagine if you got the golden chance to work with your father on a major project early in your career. Isn't this thought intimidating and overwhelming? Karan Deol has grabbed this golden chance. Karan, who is the grandson of veteran actor Dharmendra and son of Sunny Deol, will be sharing the screen space with his family members in the upcoming film Apne 2. Just two films old, the young Deol lad will start shooting for the film with Dharmendra, Sunny and uncle Bobby Deol soon.

Today, on the occasion of Father's Day 2022, spoke to Karan about his father Sunny. Talking to us, the young actor opened up about working in Apne 2, a virtue of his father he wishes to imbibe and much more.

Excerpts from the interview:    


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What’s the importance of Father’s Day in your life? 

My father has always chosen to give me love in abundance so I take this day as an opportunity to give back the love and endurance he’s given me all my life. 

Any one virtue of your father you wish to imbibe?

Since childhood, I’ve seen him hustling and putting his best foot forward in everything does. His never-giveup attitude is something that has kept him going all way long. 

Your father is an established name in the industry. Do you feel the extra pressure on your shoulder?

To the world, he’s a splendid actor but to me, he’s been the best dad. He’s had such an amazing career on the work front that there is a lot I need to live up to but what I believe is that every individual is unique on their own and I hope that I get to carve my own identity just the way he did. 

Do you sense any additional responsibility to take forward the legacy of your grandfather and father?

My grandfather and father made a mark in the industry that no one can take away. As I said earlier, I wish to carve my own pathway and make my own mark. 


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Who has more influence on you- grandpa or papa? 

Definitely my father. 

When you decided to become an actor, what was that one piece of advice given by your father? 

He just said that the path you are choosing will have many ups and downs and one has to be emotionally and mentally strong.


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You are sharing the screen space with your father in Apne 2. Intimidated?

Haha, who wouldn’t be? But at the same time, I can’t wait for it as this one will for sure be a memorable experience.