PeepingMoon Stars Unplugged: I'm not a star kid who will decide to do films and it will automatically happen, this doesn't work in our case- Nia Sharma on Bollywood plans

Being an actor is no mean feat, especially when you decide to brave the odds of the glamour world all by yourself. In PeepingMoon's latest series, titled Stars Unplugged, popular actors and actresses will talk about their experiences of making it big, gaining popularity with their body of work and the challenges they faced on their way to success.

The fifth episode of Stars Unplugged features Nia Sharma. She first appeared on television in Kaali - Ek Agnipariksha (2010) and her breakthrough came in 2011 with Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai. Since then, there is no looking back. Talking to PeepingMoon, she spoke about focusing more on music videos, not venturing into Bollywood and the harsh working environment in the television industry.

Excerpts from the interview:

Of late, you have been doing multiple music videos. Any particular reason?

I am focusing more on music videos because nothing else is working out well. I am happy doing them. Music videos are giving me a chance to work on my dancing skills. It has been a good exercise to groom myself.  

People often accuse special dance numbers of objectifying women. Do you agree? 

I won't deny that some songs have cheesy lyrics and they offend a certain section of society. But this is not the first time such songs are being made. Even in the ‘90s, when I was growing up, we had item numbers in the film industry. As an artist, I will do my best when a song comes my way. Though it is an item number, it's not a cakewalk. It is not made overnight. I see it as a fun element. 

Are you planning to venture into Bollywood anytime soon?

Well, I am not a star kid who will decide one day to do films and it will automatically happen. This doesn't work in our case. As an actor, I am giving my best. I am doing all it takes to perform well and do justice to whatever is given to me. Whenever a web show or a film comes my way, I will give it my best. But if it is not coming, there must be some reason. 

You completed over a decade in the industry. Was surviving cutthroat competition tough?

People might have faced cutthroat competition but not me. I kept working without bothering about my competition. I sleep with only one thought and that's of becoming better and bigger every day. It is persistence that will help you survive in this industry. I never compete with others, I am my own competition. 

In an interview, you mentioned actors are taken for granted. Did you ever feel like quitting the industry?

Instead of thinking of quitting the industry, I focused on getting my dues. Other people might have thought of quitting, but not me. I worked very hard for myself. When I said taken for granted, that is related to irregular working hours. You have to work 12-13 hours a day and people expect you to keep going on. That’s where the problem arises. There is no breather.