PeepingMoon Exclusive: Sharad Malhotra supports cracker-free Diwali concept, says 'people are putting their money, affecting environment in the worst way possible'

Sharad Malhotra, who is currently seen in the TV show Vidrohi, has been keeping busy with back-to-back dynamic projects. Now, he finally got the chance to take a break from his hectic schedule to be with his family to celebrate the festival of lights. In an exclusive conversation with, Sharad shared his plans for Diwali.

"This year my Diwali celebration is with my wife Ripci Bhatia, my furry baby Leo and some close friends. I have been busy shooting for Vidrohi so Diwali will be a good break too. I will spend the day cleaning the house with my wife and then putting up the lights," Sharad told. 

Remembering pre-COVID Diwalis, he added, "I miss the pre-COVID days when we could just have a get-together and during festivals, it was so nice to see friends and family all dressed up and visiting you and yes I loved hosting and having people at my home." He shared Diwali in his childhood was all about enjoying different kinds of sweets, and never about bursting crackers.

Sharing his take on cracker-free Diwali, Sharad told, "I was never into burning crackers and have always celebrated a cracker-free Diwali. It's very important for people to understand that they are literally putting their money on fire by buying crackers and are affecting the environment in the worst way possible. I have a dog at home and I have seen how these animals react to noise. So I request everyone to please be a little sensitive towards them and also the seniors and kids at home."

Spreading the word of eco-friendly Diwali, the actor stated, "Eco-friendly Diwali has always been the need of the hour, it's just that we have realised it very late. Having an eco-friendly Diwali means you are doing your bit in safeguarding the environment."