PeepingMoon proposes to Ranveer Singh! A first person account by Ankita Bhalla


Ranveer Singh has millions of female fans declaring undying love for him. I took my adulation for the flamboyant, rambunctious actor a notch higher by proposing to him on Wednesday at the launch of Colors’ new game show The Big Picture. It wasn’t a wild fan-girl moment. But something that Colors had cleverly woven into its script for the glitzy event. Under arc lights. Before cameras. Without a director to call “Silence, lights and action!” 

Leading up to this, at the launch of Bigg Boss 15 at the Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh on September 25, Colors had ingeniously called all invited media persons there to shoot an original video that could be used as an audition clip for its The Big Picture launch. Mine was zara hatke.  Disregarding the fact that he was happily married to the lovely and statuesque Deepika Padukone, my video boldly spoke of “Mera Ranveer sirf mera hai!”  


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To my great surprise and delight, Ranveer saw the video and picked it! I have interviewed this superstar often before. But this time, there was no interview, Colors invited me to propose to Ranveer as part of its launch event. And while other media persons watched enviously and lustily cheered, I did that with a bouquet of roses. Ranveer’s TV debut on October 16 as the host of this zingy picture-based show turned into the moment of a lifetime for me.



I plunged in with reckless abandon. Going down on one knee. Using Ranveer’s Band Baaja Baaraat dialogue that I knew by heart, “Tere bina kisi cheez mein mauj nahi; na ladkiyan taadne mein, na chai mein, na chowmein mein” as my impromptu script. The media audience burst into applause like frontbenchers at one of his super hit movies. And Ranveer, bless him, with his wicked sense of humour, approved it and asked for a retake!

My moment with him is now Colors’ official property for The Big Picture. There was more. Ranveer hugged me and posed roguishly for the clicking and whirring cameras. He got me to call my family in Pathankot as part of the Lifeline option in ‘The Big Picture’ and flirted outrageously with my younger sister who is also his unabashed fan. And all the while this was happening, and I was in seventh heaven, I kept mentally apologising to Deepika. I’m sorry, Deepika, but I couldn’t help myself – your husband is such delectable and covetous material!