Mother's Day Exclusive: Actress's role ends with pack up, but once a mother, you're forever a mother- Amrita Rao on embracing parenthood with son Veer's arrival


The entire world will be celebrating Mother's Day on Sunday, May 9, 2021. While many will argue that every day is mother's day, but for some, this day this year will be more special. In the middle of the nationwide lockdown, many celebrities embraced motherhood and Amrita Rao is among them. The actress, who is married to RJ Anmol for 5 years now, became a mother to little Veer on November 1, 2020. 

Now, as the country is in lockdown, Amrita is spending quality time with Veer without worrying about losing out on projects or leaving him behind at home while shooting. As Mother's Day is around the corner, got in touch with Amrita to understand her take on motherhood. Talking to us, the actress revealed what was her first reaction on seeing her son for the first time. She further opened up on taking her own time to start a family and why motherhood is the toughest role she has played till now. 

Excerpts from the interview: 

You are 6 months into motherhood. What was your reaction when you saw your child for the first time? How is motherhood treating you? 

When I saw Veer for the first time, I was nervous, anxious, energetic and my heart full of blessings for him. Motherhood is keeping me on my hands and toes if not wings.


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You and RJ Anmol will be completing 5 years of marriage this year. Has the pregnancy brought you both closer?

Yes, 5 years of marriage have flown by in a blink. Pregnancy does bring most couples closer but only until the baby pops out! After that, the baby clearly takes first priority (laughs).

In India, people expect you to give birth to a child right after marriage. Did you feel any kind of pressure? Did you both consciously decide to spend time together before welcoming the child?

Things have really changed in urban India at least. Anmol and I never chose to get bogged down by any social pressure ever, whether it was not revealing our relationship for almost 7 years of dating, or having a private wedding or a private pregnancy until the 9th month, we have followed our heart and not the herd.

Earlier, there was a notion that married actresses, especially mothers, don’t get meaty roles in good projects. But now, things are changing. Are we finally progressing towards a better society? Do you think this change is here to stay forever?

Interestingly, many actresses in the '50s, '60s and '70s were married, became mothers and were yet romancing on-screen. Nutan ji and Sharmila Tagore ji are the biggest examples of successful leading ladies, even after becoming mothers. Sadly, it changed somewhere in the '80s, '90s and early 2000s but thanks to many actresses of my generation who are setting the right precedence by marrying in the sunshine of their careers, having babies and then also getting back to plum roles. Things have not only changed but with digitalization and overall mass evolution, this change is here to stay.

Pregnancy during lockdown can be challenging. How did you deal with it?

Pregnancy during the lockdown was the most unique experience. There was no house help and I found myself pregnant as well as learning to cook for 21 days at a stretch until both the moms pitched in. My mother did a lot for this new mommy in her 2020 pregnancy. I got only pure "Maa ke haath ka khana". The lockdown ensured a lot of detoxification as there was no junk food and the phones were away. I had no regret of losing out on any work so I was mentally relaxed. Having my husband around throughout my pregnancy was a fringe benefit I thoroughly enjoyed. I binged on online shopping like never before for the new member and it was a super cool experience overall.

Has the lockdown come across as a blessing as you and Anmol are getting some quality time to spend with Veer?

Yes, indeed. In fact, I realised a father's contribution is equally important in a baby's overall development and wellbeing. What a father can give to a child is unique from what a mother can. If "Maa" is the ultimate word in the universe then there is a "Maa" in every father too! When a baby is born it's not only the mother's duty to take over, but every father should bring out the "Maa" in him and pitch in. 


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With restrictions on house helps, have you and Anmol distributed work and baby duties among yourselves?

Well, even when the lockdown relaxed and we got our the house helpers, it was clearly decided that all work related to the baby will be done by us only. We have distributed the duties like I'm awake most of the night to feed Veer. Anmol does the oil massage and bathing. He wanted to do that himself since the start. Sharing responsibilities is making the parenthood journey fun which we would have completely missed if we had a baby caretaker to do that. 

Has motherhood changed the way you react to things and look at life?

Hahahaha, yes. You get bitten, scratched, punched and emotionally blackmailed all the time. But you have to put up with a smile and nothing else. A baby doesn't understand emotions like frustration, anger, irritation, shouting but only the language of love and care.

In an interview, you said, “Motherhood is the toughest role I have played so far.” Please elaborate on this?

For an actress, any role ends with pack up or the wrap of the film but with motherhood once a mother forever a mother! 


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A moment with Veer that you will never be able to forget.

I remember, Veer was getting his first vaccine shot. I hid behind Anmol as I was not able to get myself to see it. After the shot every baby howls and so did Veer but the minute he saw me he stopped crying completely and looked at me with long lost eyes. That was the first time I felt like I was so important to him and that he recognises me. That day I felt like a mom.