KJo, Rohit Shetty hosting grand celebration party for Simmba tomorrow!


Karan Johar and Rohit Shetty, co-producers and director respectively of Ranveer Singh’s blockbuster film Simmba, are celebrating its incredible box office success with a grand party tomorrow night. Joining the two proud filmmakers in hosting the success bash is Reliance Entertainment, the distributor of the film which is doing roaring business well into its second week. This is going to be the first big Bollywood do of 2019 and it’s to celebrate the last big film of 2018.

The invites have gone out across Bollywood and everybody who is anybody and is in Mumbai tomorrow, will make sure they are in attendance. PeepingMoon.com which has an invite to the Simmba party, regrets that it cannot share the venue address with readers. Fans of the film’s hero, the new superstar Ranveer Singh, are bound to block the entrance if not try and gatecrash the party. And the hosts are keen that the happy occasion goes off smoothly.

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[caption id="attachment_193292" align="aligncenter" width="705"] An invite of Simmba's success party[/caption]

Meanwhile, those who got a card are invited to “Dress as You Please”, which appears to be the dress code for the party. Perhaps that is in keeping with the suspense of what presiding deity Ranveer Singh might wear. There’s no telling. He’s sure to be dressed in something spectacular. The actor, who is celebrating a honeymoon and wife Deepika Padukone’s birthday in Sri Lanka, is not back. But he is expected tomorrow. Paparazzi are already at the airport. We will get you the first pictures of the newlyweds’ arrival. And then, exclusive pictures from the party itself.

[caption id="attachment_191412" align="aligncenter" width="647"] Ranveer Singh in a still from Simmba[/caption]

Keep watching. And guessing who lead actress Sara Ali Khan will be accompanied by. We are in Simmba mode!