Exclusive: 'I was on board the minute I heard about it,' says 'Kabir Singh' fame Vanita Kharat on her risqué photoshoot


Actress Vanita Kharat, who essayed the role of house help in Shahid Kapoor starrer Kabir Singh, has taken the internet by the storm with her bold and body-baring photoshoot. Making a strong case for body positivity, Vanita posed nude with a kite strategically placed in front of her.

In an exclusive chat with Peepingmoon.com, the actress got candid about her risqué photoshoot, the overwhelming and positive responses from followers and co-workers and the definition of beauty.

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Vanita agreed to be a part of this shoot from the beginning. “I was on board with this concept from the minute I heard about it. Moreover, the response I have been getting especially from the Marathi film industry has been positive and overwhelming,” she said.

Speaking about her overall experience, Vanita revealed that she was a bit nervous before the photo shoot. “Abhijeet (Panse) Sir and Tejas (Nerurrkar) made me feel extremely comfortable. Post that, they showed me the picture and I was very happy. I looked beautiful.” Vanita spoke at length about the ‘standards and definition of beauty’ according to society. Championing body positivity the actress embraced her true self in the shoot and it was beautiful. Speaking on the concept of the shoot, Vanita said, “Who decides the definition of beauty? Those who are fat, dusky or bald aren’t beautiful? Looking beyond the physical attributes one can also see the beauty in their talent or their way of thinking. Since childhood, we have been only told to see the physical beauty of our bodies and that shapes our perspective accordingly. If we expand our horizons a bit and change the way we think, many things would seem beautiful.”

Besides her role in Kabir Singh, Vanita has been a well-known face in the Marathi film industry and has been a part of many films and shows like Vicky Velingkar and Maharashtrachi Hasya Jatra to name a few.

This video interview has been done in Marathi. Catch the full conversation here:

(Translation by- Malvika Mistry)