Exclusive: Meet Sanjay Dutt's best friend Paresh Ghelani whose role is played by Vicky Kaushal in Sanju


Sanjay Dutt’s biopic Sanju released yesterday and left everybody stumped. The actor’s colourful life is larger-than-life and makes for a compelling story. The film is directed by Rajkumar Hirani. Ranbir Kapoor walks away with all the applause and acclaim for essaying the role of Sanjay in the film. However, it is the role of Vicky Kaushal who plays Sanjay’s faithful and loyal friend that leaves a lasting impression on everybody. Not much was known about the Gujarati friend that Vicky was playing but now in an exclusive scoop, we have found out about Sanjay’s friend who stood by him through thick and thin.

Sanjay’s best friend Paresh Ghelani who is fondly called as Kamli in the film Sanju comes in the category of that special friend who stays by you all your life. Paresh’s family moved to America when he was quite young and settled in Chicago. However, the distance never marred Paresh and Sanjay’s friendship. Paresh is a serial entrepreneur and a millionaire and is known to be a man with a vision. He is a part of companies such as Moon Express, Xprize and Radimmune, companies that cater to solving global challenges.

Paresh, who's also known as Parya has been a part of Sanjay’s life since he was a teenager after they met in New York. Music and a thirst for living life king size were the things that brought them together and bounded them in an unbreakable bond. Parya, who lives in America, has been a part of Sanjay’s life all through the trials and tribulations the star went through. Parya stood by Sanjay as a rock and that is what we see portrayed in the film too. They fought Sanjay’s battles together even though they were living in different continents knowing that they have each other to fall back on no matter what happens.

Sanjay and Paresh are friends who have been through the fire and emerged unscathed. The two have been through thick and thin, good and bad and highs and lows. The film Sanju celebrates this friendship and is portrayed admirably well in the film. Sanjay plays the role of big brother to Parya in real-life where we see the latter sitting on the actor’s lap and going on brotherly solo trips to South Africa.

The film Sanju remarkably pays tribute to a friendship that transcends time, place and proximity. As you come out of the theatre after watching the film, the one relationship that stays with you is that of the friendship shared between Sanjay and Paresh; superbly enacted by Ranbir and Vicky in the film.

As told by Nri businessman and Co Actor with Sanjay Dutt ..Jay Patel