Esha Gupta lashes out at Instagram trollers over Dubai ‘boy toy’ friend!


This time, our sympathies are entirely with Esha Gupta. The Bollywood hottie, who had two releases in Baadshaho and Commando 2 last year, is better known for the sensational pictures she puts up on Instagram than for her screen performances. Naturally, she has a strong following on social media because who would not like to see Esha topless, semi-nude or in skimpy lingerie? And she teases her fans with such bold photo-shoots frequently.

But this time, it’s not Esha’s oomph factor that’s burning up the social media but an embarrassing controversy the stunning actress finds herself in over some Instagram posts.
Esha is innocently to blame, actually. She’s been active on Instagram sharing pretty cozy pictures with an 18-year-old boy in Dubai whom she fondly addresses as her “baby”. One picture has Esha, who is 32, kissing him adoringly on the forehead on his birthday. Her caption says, “Happy 18th to my one n only. My baby boy I love you the most, please always stay this happy child that you are. I’ve always got your back.” Another picture with the same young man has Esha saying in the caption, “Back with my love… see y’all tomorrow at Nasimi beach parking lot 10 am, let’s get them rolling.”


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Her fans might be forgiven for thinking that Esha is dating a younger man. But some jealously commented on her keeping a “boy toy” and that provoked her to lash out furiously at her trollers. What all she said cannot exactly be reproduced here but Esha did slam trollers and say, “To all the uneducated dumb dolts... he’s my baby... not my bf you sick minded a******s.”

This does not answer people’s curiosity about who the 18-year-old birthday boy is in Esha’s life. Speculation is that he’s a cousin and almost a brother to Esha and stays in Dubai. The sexy actress is not bothered to explain the relationship. But sources have shared some information.

The boy in the picture is supposedly Aly Raza Beig. He’s said to be the son of business tycoon Raza Beig who is the CEO of the fashion brand Splash. Among Splash’s international brand ambassadors are Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. Splash is India’s largest fashion retailer and one of the biggest retail conglomerates in the UAE. Esha Gupta is the brand ambassador of Splash Fashion India. Any harm in young Aly striking up a friendship with the vivacious and friendly actress who is a big draw everywhere in the world?

There’s no story happening here.