Mumbai reception may be at Four Seasons


The grapevine is buzzing with news of what now appears to be the imminent wedding of Bollywood’s Anushka Sharma and Team India’s Virat Kohli. Late last night the actress dodged the media and slipped out of Mumbai bound for Milan in Italy where the marriage is going to be solemnized.

Virat did the same in Delhi. Nobody was given an idea of the destination. Even the makeup and hair team meant for the wedding were kept in the dark. At the same time, sources exclusively reveal, five Hindu pundits from Haridwar’s Anant Dham Atmabodh Ashram of spiritual guru Maharaj Anant Baba also left for Milan to conduct the holy matrimony.

Anushka’s mother Ashima Sharma, a Garhwali, is a disciple of Ambuvala-based Anant Baba, and the actress is known to secretly make pilgrimages to Uttarakhand where she stays at his ashram and performs religious rituals and rites in honour of Lord Shiva at the Shri Ananteshwar Temple in Haridwar. The ashram, Anushka has said, rejuvenates her. She always meets Anant Baba when she wants mental peace and answers to her inner thoughts. Last year in December, Anushka is reported to have taken Virat to meet Anant Baba in Haridwar.

But now the fever pitch for the Virushka wedding is reaching a peak with the couple having left for Milan and sources confirming that Anushka recently visited the Family Court in Mumbai to secure dates for when the marriage might be formally registered.

The couple will spend a day at Dubai first and then leave for Milan. In Dubai, it is said they are going to shop for the wedding. There is going to be a reception for family and close friends in Milan. A reception will, of course, be held in Mumbai too. It is likely to be at the Four Seasons Hotel whose imposing entrance and intricate security would make it difficult for the paparazzi and gatecrashers to join the celebrations. Rooms have reportedly been booked for guests from Uttarakhand and Delhi.