Just divorced Sandeep Toshniwal takes Karisma Kapoor on dinner date


Is this the first dinner date that Karisma Kapoor and Sandeep Toshniwal went out on to celebrate the Mumbai industrialist’s divorce on Monday from his wife of 14 years, the orthodontist Dr. Ashrita Toshniwal? It looks like! Peeping Moon.com spotted them at the Bandra Kurla Complex fine dining restaurant ‘Hemant Oberoi’ last night. Karisma and Sandeep sat close together deep in conversation for almost three hours. They were the last to leave the restaurant at 1.30 am. But just when they reached the front door, Karisma spotted the paparazzi waiting outside for the juiciest photo opportunity of the week and turned back.

The good-looking couple have been quite a famous fixture at several Bollywood gatherings recently. And the fact that the industry has accepted Sandeep is evident from his presence at all the Kapoor-Khandaan get-togethers. Now that his divorce has come through, the Bollywood grapevine is already buzzing with the news that Karisma and Sandeep will take their relationship a step further and make it official.

Sources say that Sandeep’s divorce which he filed for in 2010 came through after Ashrita, who wasn’t keen on separation, finally accepted the inevitable and decided to move on with her own life. The custody of the couple’s two daughters aged 12 and 9 has been given to Ashrita. Both girls stand to get Rs. 3 crore each from Sandeep and Ashrita gets Rs. 2 crore as part of the alimony. In addition, she also gets the house she and the girls are living in presently.

Karisma’s own divorce from her Delhi-based industrialist husband Sunjay Kapur came through in June 2016. She married him in 2003. They have two children – Samiera and Kiaan. Earlier this year, Kapur tied the knot with his longtime partner, model Priya Sachdev, in a hush-hush ceremony in Delhi. Meanwhile, nobody is happier with the present turn of events than Karisma’s father, the yesteryear actor Randhir Kapoor. He has already assured her that she will have his blessings if she chooses to marry again. Randhir said that he will support anything that makes his daughter happy. “She is young and must be seeing him (Sandeep), I don’t know. I see their photographs,” Randhir said. He was earlier quoted as saying that he doesn’t think Karisma has plans of getting married anytime soon and that she is enjoying motherhood. “If she wants to begin her life again and her children (Samiera Kapoor, 12, and Kiaan Raj Kapoor, 7) are happy with it, then I will support them. I don’t think there is anything wrong in that in today’s time,” added Randhir.