Exclusive: Shakuntala Devi was much more than a human-computer - Vidya Balan on what attracts her to tell the tales of inspiring women on screen


It won't be wrong to say Vidya Balan is the quintessential queen of biopics. A trusted face to tell riveting tales of strong and empowering real women on the reel, the actress has never compromised on entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. Now, as cine-goers are eager to watch new films amid Coronavirus pandemic, Vidya is here to take us into the world of mathematical genius Shakuntala Devi who is better known as human-computer. The biographical film is all set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on July 31, 2020. Ahead of the global release, Vidya, in an exclusive virtual conversation with PeepingMoon.com, gave insights into what attracted her to sign up for yet another biopic and what makes her a favourite with all the makers when it comes to biopic. 

Calling Shakuntala Devi 'one of its kind', Vidya emphasized that the late Guinness Book of World Records holder was much more than just a human-computer. Considering the criticism Vidya met post the trailer was out, and being blamed for showing Shakuntala Devi as glamourous, it was not until her real-life daughter intervened and stressed upon how the biopic celebrates her mother's life, which was beyond maths.

Gushing over her swag and larger-than-life approach, Vidya seconded that Shakuntala Devi's life was beyond calculations and mathematics, who was an incredible woman and lived her life on her own terms. "Shakuntala Devi was a mathematical genius, known as a human-computer worldwide. But she was so much more. There was so much more to her personal life. I find it incredible that a woman at that time wanted to live her on her own terms and she did it. She defies every myth about a mathematical genius. She loved her colours, maroons to pinks, beyond numbers wrote a book on cooking, the first book evere on homosexuality and had a deep interest in astrology. There was much more to the woman what meets the eye. And, criticism doesn't matter, because in today's social media age, kuch to opinion hona zaruri hai for people.

Vidya revealed how she doesn't read or watches anything about her on social media ans news channels and anyone's opinion doesn't effect her!


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Vidya, in her 25-year-long career, has portrayed numerous female characters that broke stereotypes, were flawed yet always reinstated a part of Vidya - the actress - in each character she  essayed in her films. Talking about what draws her closer to such 'imperfect' roles she said, "I get drawn to women who are inspiring because, despite their limitations, imperfections, they go ahead and live the life they want to. It is about all of us. Which of us is perfect? We are trying in our own way to live the life we want to."

Shakuntala Devi is directed and co-written by Anu Menon. The biographical is produced by Sony Pictures Networks Productions, Vikram Malhotra and co-produced by Shikhaa Sharma.