Aunt of Noor Malabika Das says the actress was tensed as she wasn’t getting enough work in industry: Drove her to this extreme measure

The news of sudden demise of the actress Noor Malabika Das yesterday came as shock for many. Noor aged 31,  has been a part of several projects over the last few years and is best known for her role in Kajol led series ‘The Trial.’
The body of the actress in her Mumbai apartment was discovered after the neighbours complained of a foul smell coming from the flat. The actress was staying alone after her parents recently shifted back to their village. She earlier herself moved to Mumbai to pursue her career in acting prior to which she was an air hostess in Qatar Airways for many years.

Now, the aunt of the actress Arati Das, shared the possible reason for the alleged suicide of Noor citing that she had big aspirations when she moved to the city but things weren’t working the way she thought them to be. "She ventured to Mumbai with grand
aspirations of making it big in the acting realm. “ She added, “However, she encountered formidable challenges in her pursuit. We understand that Malabika was discontented with her progress, which drove her to this extreme measure."

The last riots were performed by the police after no one from the family for the late actress could be reached out by the authorities. As per the reports the incident occurred on June 6. 

Source: Times of India