Jacqueline Fernandez shares the worst advise she got in initial days of acting career: That was one of the worst advises

Jacqueline Fernandez, who made her Bollywood debut with ‘Aladdin’ spoke about the advises she got in her initial days and shared that she was told to just focus on her looks to get work in films.

She recently attended Cannes Film Festival during which she said that she previously attended the festival but at that time she wasn’t famous so no one would take her pictures. 

Jacqueline said, "The first time I came here was definitely memorable. I came as a guest to a friend and it was very overwhelming but when I
walked the red caret it was really fast. There was not one pap who took a picture of me. But that was fine because I didn't expect that because it wasn't official."

She added, "Probably the inexperience. I had absolutely no background in acting or in films. I had really no idea on how to navigate my way around things, around the industry, around the people. So I think that was something I really struggled with.”

The actress further spoke about some of the worst advises she received.

The actress concluded, "Very very early on in my career, I was at the gym and I was explaining to this actor that 'On, I have to go for this course and I have to go for this class. I am training in diction for this and then I am working out here. And he was like listen, just focus on looking good and you will be fine'. I actually think that was one of the worst pieces of advice I ever got, being someone who was trying to make it in the film industry."

On the work front, Jacqueline will appear along side Sonu Sood in ‘Fateh’ and alongside Akshay Kumar in ‘Welcome to the Jungle.’