Randeep Hooda defends Alia Bhatt, disagrees with Kangana Ranaut: She was unfairly targeted

Randeep Hooda whose latest directorial Swatantrya Veer Savarkar released few days back recently went on to defend Alia Bhatt and said that she was targeted by Kangana Ranaut unnecessary.

For a while, Kangana has been constantly accusing the actors and highlighting that the industry is filled with the nepotism and has no talent.

Subsequently, Randeep talked about his ‘Highway’ co-star Alia and disagreed with Kangana’s take on her.

He said,  "While making
Highway, I developed a spiritual bond with Alia. I don't
know if it's the same for her. That's up to her. I can only
speak for myself. I have seen that she has always tried
to do new things. I stood up for her genuinely because
she was unfairly targeted.”

He further added, “To target your fellow actors or your colleagues or your fraternity over things that
you feel you did not get, even though I think you did got
a lot from this industry, it's just unbecoming. I felt that I
should do it and I did it."