Did you know? Birthday star Vikrant Massey 'cried so deeply' during the filming of 12th Fail's climax

With a diverse range of roles spanning across various genres and platforms, Vikrant Massey has consistently delivered standout performances that showcase his ability to embody characters with depth and authenticity. His effortless transitions between roles, brings a unique charisma to each character he plays. Vikrant's ability to connect emotionally with the audiences leaves a lasting impression.

Vikrant Massey's latest film, "12th Fail," has swiftly garnered admiration from fans and accolades from the film industry alike. For the portrayal of Manoj Kumar Sharma, the actor has already swept all the major awards and undoubtedly it's his year. His nuanced performance strikes a chord with viewers, drawing them into the character's journey of self-discovery and resilience.

For his biggest success and exquisite performance, the director of the film Kunwar Singh Kohli praised him for his dedication. He expressed, "I will never forget this moment during the shoot of the final result scene, Vikrant Massey had to fall down onto his knees again and again. But no matter how many takes it took, he cried so deeply every time that it was unbelievable. In the middle of takes when he would be standing, ready for the shot, he would keep muttering one line to himself, Later, when the shot was done, Vikrant sat down on the floor, but did not stop crying. He cried, and he cried as Medha gently held him by the shoulders."

Vikrant also mentioned the significance of the last scene. He said, "It's taken me 19 years to get here and I've also reached here without oxygen support Medha, barefoot. It's my story as well." From this, it's clearly evident that not only it's Manoj Sharma's story but also it's a story of Vikrant Massey as well, who is riding high on success.

Vikrant Massey's versatility sets him apart in the film industry, earning him widespread recognition and acclaim from audiences and critics alike. The actor will be next seen in the film "The Sabarmati Report" where he will portray the role of a journalist.