Suhani Bhatnagar was suffering from rare condition called Dermatomyositis, reveal parents

Dangal actress Suhani Bhatnagar's death shook the entire film fraternity. She was 19 years old, residing in Faridabad with her parents. Reports claimed that the actress passed away due to a reaction to medication and the accumulation of fluid in her body. However, her parents clarified the reason behind her untimely demise. 

During a media interaction, Suhani's parents revealed that she was suffering from Dermatomyositis. The actress' father said in his statement that the rare condition was diagnosed two months ago when she began experiencing swelling in her hand which then spread to her other body parts. Despite consulting various doctors, the condition remained undiagnosed. Around 11 days ago, she was taken to AIIMS where tests revealed her illness. 


The only way to cure Dermatomyositis is steroids. When Suhani was undergoing treatment, the dosage of steroids affected her immunity system. Due to weak immunity, the teenager developed an infection. Suhani's lungs weakened, causing fluid buildup.

Suhani will be cremated today in Faridabad.

(Source: India Today)