Want people all over the world to see our work: Rani Mukerji on OTT platform changing the landscape of narrative for women

Rani Mukherji (get ur spelling right, ur the copy editor not me. It's Mukerji) is one of the most versatile actresses in the film industry and has acted in more than 50 films up till now. In a recent interview, on being asked about her views upon the changing landscape in the film industry and OTT taking over the lead, Rani agreed that it indeed has benefitted the narrative for women. 

Rani said, “Of course, I think anything that changes the landscape for women is best and women wanting to do it is best as long as people see our work because we actors can only thrive when people watch our work. We’re not working for five people watching our film, right? We want people all over the world to see our work.”

She also went on to comment over why some films are not made for theatrical release. Rani added, “There are different reasons why a film cannot be made for theatrical experience whether it’s the monetization, whether the audience is really wanting to go and see a certain piece but they’re comfortable watching it in the confines of their homes, so be it. But my individual point is that I would try and give my audience a theatrical experience with the woman being the central character who is driving the narrative and hopefully, I would believe that the audience would come and watch it. As long as my producer can make money, I would continue doing that with theatrical films.”

On the work front, Rani would be next seen in Mardaani 3. - check this

Source: Film Companion