Dia Mirza hosts an environment-friendly party on son Avyaan Azaad Rekhi's birthday, organises sustainable games with zero-plastic toys

In a bid to counter the culture of grandiose parties for little ones, Dia Mirza celebrated her two-year-old son Avyaan Azaad Rekhi's birthday in his favourite space, surrounded by a brilliant backdrop of green. Dia said, "All mothers feel that time passes very quickly when they are raising their children, and yet they remember every little milestone of their babies. I feel the same way, and these two years have been the most blissful of my life."

Regarding how she planned the special day, she shared, "For Avyaan's second birthday, I wanted to reiterate how what is good for our children is also good for our planet. Birthday parties very often end up becoming breeding grounds for toxicity. Plastic pollutants that are rampantly used in the form of sparkling decor—plastic base streamers, balloons, and sun-board cutouts as props for fancy themes—impact the health of our own children. I hope people find inspiration and realize that a zero-waste celebration is not just a pipe dream."

Here's a peek into how she made Avyaan's party completely zero-waste and zero-plastic. 

100% Sustainable Décor

Dia has campaigned against single-use plastics for years, and every bit of birthday decor was reusable and repurposed. From beautifully crafted paper lanterns in the shape of Avyaan's favourite animals instead of plastic balloons to fresh flowers and bamboo baskets as table decor elements. Even Avyaan's Happy Birthday sign was made from upcycled cloth buntings.

Reusable and Organic Cutlery

Instead of disposable plates, cups, and straws, Dia opted for reusable and bamboo cutlery. Cups were rented from Cupable, plates were mostly reusable metal, and straws and tissues were made of bamboo. All of this was complete with cloth table linen. The water was also served from a large dispenser and an earthen pot. Everything was 100% toxin-free and recyclable.

Sustainable Games and Gifts for Children

No plastic toys or games were given at this party. Each of Avyaan's little friends took home a natural cloth bag full of personalized cloth luggage tags made from upcycled materials, organic crayons (which are also edible, thus not harmful if accidentally ingested), and other sustainable items. At the party, children even engaged with the earth through pottery. The cherry on the cake was one tree planted for every child by the Ek Saath Foundation, which is committed to reforestation. This meaningful gesture helps urban afforestation, creating a greener world for the little ones.

Tackling Waste

Whether it was composting the wet waste or sending coconut shells for drying and processing, everything was thought of. The wet waste mainly comprised kitchen waste and banana leaves. It was also ensured that waste was segregated, and food waste was composted. The coconut shells were sent for drying and processed to make coco peat, while the dry waste, which mainly consisted of paper cups, was sent for recycling.