Gully Boy to Bollywood's Darling, looking at 5 iconic performances of birthday star Vijay Varma

Renowned as one of the most critically acclaimed actors of recent times, Vijay Varma is undoubtedly winning hearts for his versatility and iconicity in characters. With many of his roles, the actor has managed to leave an unforgettable impact on our minds and on the occasion of his birthday, we have listed down his top five performances that you should not miss:


Vijay Varma surpasses himself in "Darlings" as the cunning Hamza Sheikh. The actor has once again demonstrated his value as an artist by combining heartfelt expressions with chilling acting abilities. Vijay was portrayed as a drunken husband who continuously beats his wife, making the audience's blood boil with his sharp acting.

Gully Boy 

Catching the attention of a much larger audience, Vijay Varma garnered a flood of accolades for his impactful performance as the carjacker, Moeen. The actor succeeded in making a significant impact on the audience with his special touch to the character and quirky antics that stuck like "Wada Wada Wow Wow".

Ok Computer

Vijay Varma's performance as Saajan Kundu in the science fiction comedy series "Ok Computer" really stands out in his graph. This was the first time he took on the role of a good cop loaded with humour and sarcasm. The performer, who served as the centre of the production, made sure to keep the audience engaged all the way through.


Unquestionably, one of Vijay's most influential roles was the morally bankrupt gangster, Sasya. Vijay played a brilliant portrayal in the crime drama with impeccable acting, on point Hyderabadi accent, and enhancing his character's sleaziness throughout, making sure to keep the audiences riveted until the very end.

Mirzapur Season 2

Vijay makes a strong impression in the twin roles of Bharat and Shatrughan Tyagi in season two of Mirzapur. With the utmost realism and passion, Vijay gave the characters the fullest possible justice, winning the admiration of both the general people and the critics.