Filmmaker Onir talks about the defence ministry banning his script on gay soldier, says 'I am not out here to demean anybody'

National award-winning writer-director Onir has now talked about the Army rejecting the script of his next feature film which has a character of a gay officer. He has said that his script treats everything with a lot of dignity and respect. 

Responding to the development, Onir told a leading news channel, "According to the new law, if you have any character or anything to do with the forces, the Indian army, you have to get an NOC from the Indian army to be able to make that film. Otherwise, you won't be able to get that certified. On December 16, I formally applied (for the NOC) with my script, which I think treats everything with a lot of dignity and respect. I am not out here to demean anybody. I have a lot of love and respect for the Indian army."

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"Then, the day before yesterday is when I got the email and I was told that the 'content has been examined, analysed and rejected.' I, of course, have asked for clarification, asked why exactly (was it rejected). I was told over phone, it has not yet come in writing, that because there is no problem with the script. But, the fact that I have shown a gay character as an army man is illegal," he added.

In a letter addressed to the Mumbai office of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), the defence ministry had urged filmmakers to seek an NOC when dealing with subjects or characters related to the defence forces. The letter said, “It has been brought to the ministry’s notice that some production houses, making films on army themes, are using content which are distorting the image of Indian army. Therefore, the producers of movies/webseries etc based on Army theme may be advised to obtain the NOC from Ministry of Defence before the telecast of any movie/documentary on Army theme in public domain. They may also be advised to ensure that any incident which distorts the image of Defence Forces or hurts their sentiments may be prevented.”

(Source: NDTV)