Taimur's mother will not be Sita: Netizens trend 'Boycott Kareena Kapoor Khan' over reports of actress charging Rs 12 cr to play the mythological character in a film


Rumours are rife that Kareena Kapoor Khan has been approached for Alaukik Desai's film, titled Sita. Reports suggest that the actress will play the titular role. Alia Bhatt is also said to be in the race to play the lead. While the said film is yet to be announced, rumours claim that Kareena has demanded a whopping amount of Rs 12 crore instead of her usual Rs 6-8 crores. As this remains unconfirmed, netizens couldn't stop themselves from slamming the actress. 

According to netizens, Kareena charging Rs 12 crores to play Sita has hurt the religious sentiments of the Hindu community. They flooded Twitter with demands to boycott Kareena. Not just this, some people even said that they won't accept Kareena as Sita because she married Saif Ali Khan and has named their elder son, Taimur.  

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Reportedly, Alaukik's Sita might star Ranveer Singh as Raavan. However, there is no official confirmation as of now. On the other hand, Kareena and Deepika Padukone are being considered to play Sita in Nitesh Tiwari's adaptation of Ramayan. Reportedly, Hrithik Roshan and Mahesh Babu are also a part of the three-part Ramayan retelling. 

(Source: Twitter)