Rahul Roy and his family test positive for COVID-19 despite being quarantined at home, says 'hope you do not contract the virus staying inside the house'


Rahul Roy, who had recovered from brain surgery in December, has now confirmed that he has tested positive for COVID-19. He said that his sister Priyanka Roy and brother-in-law Romeer Sen have also contracted the virus.

Informing on Instagram about the same, the actor wrote, "Quarantine Day 19. My Covid story. My Resident Floor was sealed on 27th March as a neighbour had got tested positive so as a precautionary measure we all were sealed within Flats for 14days." "I and my family had to fly to Delhi on 11th April so we did RTPCR test from Metropolis Lab on 7th April only to receive the test reports on 10th April stating my whole family @romeersen and @priyankaroy_pia are Covid positive," he continued.

He mentioned how they had no symptoms. "We had no symptoms at all, and we came to know that the same day BMC officials were doing testing for the whole society so we again did the Antigen test and we all were negative, and moments later again gave samples for RTPCR which went to Suburban Lab but the test report has still not been given to me," he said.


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"BMC officials came made me and my family sign isolation forms, sanitised my home, the doctor called asking random questions of what my family business is into? Where is our office? Travel itineraries... haha don’t know what the connection was? Suggested me to get hospitalised to which I replied We have no symptoms so he said ok and suggested to make a chart of oxygen level and take medicines which I am doing since the time i came back post brain stroke from hospital," he added.

Wondering how they tested positive without even leaving their house, Rahul further wrote, "I know covid is there but how did I and my family contract this virus without leaving the house, without meeting people or even without going for walks is a question I will never be answered to? My sister @priyankaroy_pia is a yogini and a breathing expert who practices ancient breathing techniques and did not leave the house since 3 months, and without any symptoms has been shown positive in the reports."

"For now waiting for second 14 days quarantine to get over and redo my tests. For all of you, wear your masks, wash your hands, stay clean. And I hope you do not contract the virus staying inside the house. Hope to be back soon with negative reports. Love you all," he concluded. 

(Source: Intagram)