It went to a point that we were ready to kill each other, the channel had to intervene: Nia Sharma on her past fight with Jamai 2.0 co-star Ravi Dubey


Jamai Raja premiered for the first time in 2014 as a television show on ZEE TV and ended after a successful 3-year run. In 2019, ZEE5 announced a treat for fans with the first season of the Jamai 2.0 franchise, a digital spin-off of the popular television show. After season one received a thunderous response, the second season of the show is underway and premieres on February 26 with a bigger plot twist and more glamorous look. The lead stars of the show - Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma - have managed to keep the audience hooked onto their screens with Jamai 2.0. However, it was not always a lovey-dovey relation between the two. Nia recently talked about her fallout with Ravi, several years ago. 

Nia opened up about her infamous fallout with Ravi, several years ago. Things got so bad between them that they were not even on talking terms for more than a year. “I was 23 back then. I had not come across someone who was just so into their scenes and would rehearse so much. Ravi and I had very different ways of working, maybe that was something that hit me, due to which we kind of did not talk,” she said.

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“Things escalated because we stopped talking. Everything we would do would irritate each other. It went to a point that we were ready to kill each other, it was that bad a situation on the set. I would hate to go on the set because I had to see his face and I am sure he felt the same way. (laughs) The channel had to intervene and take us on a conference call to tell us, ‘Guys, the show is doing amazingly well but whatever you guys are up to, it is showing on screen, so please get over that and be professional enough.’ That was the situation and from there, I think we have gone to and fro on many things. Our animosity dissolved, we became better and better friends, and now we are the thickest. Now, it is like a family thing,” she added.

About Jamai 2.0 season 2, the actress said, “The idea was to make it hotter, more lavish, more glossy, and I think we have pretty much succeeded in that. It is a very well-thought-out plan to revamp SidNi (what their characters, Siddharth and Roshni, are lovingly called by fans). Ravi and I have had our own journey of grooming on the show.”

(Source: Hindustan Times)