Shah Rukh Khan back on screen for KKR fan anthem 'Laphao', flaunts his brand new hairstyle


The KKR Fan anthem was released on Tuesday. Composed by Badshah, it features the fans themselves alongside, KKR players and Shah Rukh Khan, bringing to life the hysteria and frenzy that is witnessed during the KKR matches.
With social distancing norms in place this IPL, the enthusiasm, energy and support of the fans are being missed immensely. The fan anthem is a celebration of the bond that the KKR team and its fans have shared over the years. The catchphrase of the anthem, ‘LAPHAO’ in Bengali means to JUMP and signifies the cheering of the fans, especially in their absence.

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The KKR fan anthem was announced yesterday, during a fun virtual chat between the KKR players, and SRK in the presence of the fans, the anthem was then launched by the fans themselves on social media. Thousands of KKR fans turned up for the virtual event to launch the anthem and cheer for KKR!
Commenting on the Fan anthem, Shah Rukh Khan, Co-Owner KKR, said, “I have been attending the matches and I truly miss the energy of our toofani fans! Since we have to show our love to each other thoda door se this year, we created a fan anthem that captures the emotions of all our fans aptly and was even launched by them today. It was great fun to interact with the team today and we hope to keep making our fans proud”.

Commenting on the launch of the fan anthem, Eoin Morgan, KKR captain, said, “It was heart-warming to see so many KKR fans turn up for the virtual event and launch the fan anthem. The fans have been sorely missed and their support is irreplaceable. The KKR fan anthem is our way of honouring our fans while capturing their sentiments. We want to convey our love to the fans across the country in a special way and this anthem is dedicated to them, for the KKR team they truly are “Tu Fan Nahi Toofan Hai”.
The initiative gave the KKR fans an opportunity to raise funds for a project that bridges the digital divide with smart devices. Thus, providing economic stability to not just 1600 youth but also to their families, resulting in an indirect outreach of around 8000 people.