How ironic! After Irrfan's demise, Sushant Singh Rajput was to star in Anand Gandhi's pandemic drama 'Emergence'


After Irrfan's death on April 29, Tumbbad director Anand Gandhi had revealed that the actor would have been in his next film set against the backdrop of a pandemic. Unfortunately, the actor passed away and Anand was left with no choice but to get another actor in mind for the role. 

In the latest update regarding the casting, Anand was recently planning to bring Sushant Singh Rajput on board. He was also keen on casting Australian actor Hugo Weaving. "It's unfortunate that I took so long to write it. I wish Irrfan would have been a part of it. Sushant is a dear friend. So, I always work on the assumption that he will be part of what I create. I have Australian actor Hugo Weaving in mind. I also need four women actors for the principal cast," Anand added during the interview. 

Sadly and ironically, Sushant died of suicide on Sunday morning and left for heavenly abode. 

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Emergence was originally sketched out to be a film that revolves around four scientists who have to find a way to save the population from a pandemic. However, with the Coronavirus outbreak, Anand has taken the project back to the drawing room. Talking about resketching the whole plotline, Anand, during an interview with a leading daily, told that he can directly show the aftermath of the pandemic. He added that showcasing how the new normal will be was always the crux of Emergence

(Source: Mumbai Mirror)