Kangana Ranaut to direct and produce 'Aparajitha Ayodhya', calls the film a 'story of love, faith and unity'


Over the past few years, Kangana Ranaut has emerged as a great performer who has an eye for content-driven films. While she has proven her mettle as an actress, she is actively considering directing films too. After co-directing Manikarnika-The Queen of Jhansi last year in which she also played the lead, Kangana will be directing Aparajitha Ayodhya. The ambitious project, produced by Kangana's production house, will be written by KV Vijayendra Prasad. The film revolves around the famous Ram Mandir case.

Talking about Aparajitha Ayodhya, Kangana, in a statement told, that directing the film wasn't the original idea. However, her partners in the project were keen that she steps in as the director too. Gradually, Kangana was convinced that she can do it. "The plan wasn’t for me to direct the film. I started it as a project that I worked on from the concept level. I wanted to produce it and rope in another director for it. I was quite busy at that time to even think of direction. However, the script that KV Vijayendra Prasad shared was that of a film set on a large canvas, somewhat on the lines of the historical that I have directed before. My collaborating partners were also keen that I direct it. Eventually, even I felt that maybe it’s best if I helm this film. So, it all happened organically,” Kangana told. 

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Aparajitha Ayodhya will be Kangana's first project as an independent director. Speaking of the same, the actress said she isn't nervous and wants to focus on it majorly as a filmmaker. "It does not make me nervous. It’s tougher when you have to carry forward someone else’s vision and find your own vision somewhere in it. In this case, I have worked on this film from scratch, and it’s gratifying and simple once you have the clarity of thought. I want to keep my focus on the film as a filmmaker, entirely. For me, it’s not a controversial subject. I see it as a story of love, faith and unity, and above everything, it’s a story of divinity,” Kangana added.