Watch: 'Dare to make eggs now, the kitchen is all yours,' challenges Deepika Padukone to Ranveer Singh during an IG live session


Amid the ongoing lockdown, Deepika Padukone has been utilising her time experimenting in the kitchen. The actress who apparently finds cooking therapeutic, is pampering her foodie husband Ranveer Singh with a variety of delicious cuisines. From Asian to Italian, Deepika is cooking up mouth-watering delicacies. Talking about her culinary inclination, Ranveer, during Sunil Chhetri's Instagram live last evening, mentioned that he prefers helping her rather than doing the actual work by himself.

Ranveer told that Deepika loves cooking and is more passionate than him so he leaves it to her and is rather 'Santa's little helper'. While agreeing that he should learn cooking and prepare something for his wife, Deepika gatecrashed the interview and summoned him to make eggs for her. Red-faced, Ranveer dodged the kitchen duties and promised to do it in the morning. Deepika, dropping in a comment, called the Bajirao Mastani actor's claims 'lie' and asked him to come to the kitchen to cook. 


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Ranveer, apart from this, recalled the time when he boasted his culinary skills in front of Deepika and her parents to woo her. He went on to claim that he made the best butter chicken during his hostel days. However, the actor then confessed that he prepared the dish with a ready-to-eat packet. 

(Source; Instagram)