The first thought was ‘Is she alive?’ because the whole car was crushed: Javed Akhtar on Shabana Azmi's fatal car accident


On January 18, 2020, Shabana Azmi met with a deadly car accident near Khalapur Toll Plaza while returning to Mumbai from Khandala. The actress who was travelling in her Tata Safari car sustained grave injuries after her vehicle was rammed by a truck in a head-on collision. However, her husband noted lyricist Javed Akhtar who was also en route Mumbai with her, escaped the accident as he was travelling in another car with a guest. Now, after three months since the incident, Javed has revealed what went through his mind when it all happened.

Speaking to an entertainment portal in a joint interview with Shabana from their home, Javed described the fear he felt. “Who could think we would have such a calamity. The accident that Shabana went through was really deadly. We were in the other car, she was sleeping in the car behind us and when this accident occurred and we went back, the first thought was ‘Is she alive?’ Because the whole car was crushed, had become a heap of junk. Somehow we took her out, she was unconscious with blood all over her face and it was only from the nose. There were no wounds but the whole body has taken such a whiplash, that it will take a little time to be totally normal.”

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Shabana, on the other hand, said that she doesn’t remember anything of the accident as she was sleeping and then fainted right after. When she regained consciousness, she was already in the hospital. She said she felt grateful for all the messages and prayers she received from her friends, family and fans.

Javed and Shabana are currently in lockdown together at their Mumbai home. 

(Source: Film Companion)