Zaira Wasim releases a statement saying she is not 'righteous' after Babita Phogat attacks her over Tablighi Jamad threats


Champion wrestler and BJP leader Babita Phogat recently took a dig at Dangal actress Zaira Wasim by saying that she is not like her as she would not get threatened. This comment comes after Babita Phogat released a series of tweets on Islam Sect - Tablighi Jamad. 

The 30-year-old wrestler-turned politician claimed that she was getting threats after she had posted a series of tweets on the Islamic sect. "Over the past few days, I posted a few tweets (on Tablighi Jamaat). After that, I started getting threats on my social media handles. I would like to say that I am no Zaira Wasim. I would not get threatened.... I have always fought for my country. I stand by my tweets.... I wrote nothing wrong," Ms Phogat said.

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After Babita Phogat's comment, now Zaira has released a statement stressing that she isn’t as righteous as she might have lead many to believe and that the praise she receives is ‘dangerous’ for her.

“Asalamualaykum everyone!” Zaira wrote on Saturday. “While I acknowledge with humility all the love people shower me with, I cannot emphasise enough how the praise that comes my way isn’t gratifying at all for me and how big of a test it is for me and how dangerous it is for my Iman,” she wrote. Zaira continued, “I’m not as righteous as I might lead many to believe. Instead, I urge everyone to not praise me in any manner but pray that Allah overlooks my shortcomings-which are too many to count, and fills the void in my heart with the light of His Mercy, Taqwa and increases me in Iman, rectifies my intentions and grants me knowledge that is beneficial and a heart and tongue that remembers Him at all times and turns to Him often in repentance, and allow me to perform righteous deeds only for His sake, allow me to remain steadfast and cause me to live and die as a Muslim (wholly submitting to Him) Jazakum Allahu Khayran.”


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After appearing in major blockbusters such as Dangal and Secret Superstar, Zaira announced her retirement from the film industry in 2019 as she wanted to focus on her religion.