Taimur Ali Khan's 'QuaranTim Diaries': Mom Kareena Kapoor Khan heaps praise on son's artwork, calls him their 'in-house Picasso'


The nation is currently battling the outburst of a pandemic named Coronavirus. The virus first came into knowledge after China and its neighbouring countries got affected and soon, Coronavirus aka COVID-19 has gripped the whole world into its trap. Now, owing to the rapid spread of Coronavirus, Maharashtra, as well as the Central Government, has announced a complete shutdown till April 14. Now, with schools shut, star-kids are homebound and are indulging in some fun quarantine activities.

Joining the bandwagon is Kareena Kapoor Khan's 3-year-old munchkin Taimur Ali Khan. Tim Tim, during his quarantine period, it seems, is channeling his inner Picasso by bringing out paints and brushes. The actress, on her highly popular Instagram page, shared little Tim's artwork and went on to call him their 'in house Picasso'. “The world is your ice-cream, my love. #InHousePicaso #QuaranTimDiaries," mommy Kareena wrote while gushing about her son's creativity.

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Coronavirus aka COVID-19 came into knowledge after it impacted China and its neighbouring countries. Now, it has been titled as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation. With India also affected, the Government requested people to stay at home safe as the next few weeks are extremely crucial. While practicing self-isolation, star kids like Yash Johar-Roohi Johar, twins of Karan Johar, are also unleashing their creative and savage side on their father's Instagram account.

(Source: Instagram)