'My money, my movie, my profit, my loss. Who the f**k are you?: Box office report of 'Thappad' leaves Anubhav Sinha furious


Anubhav Sinha's Thappad featuring Taapsee Pannu, Pavail Gulati, and Dia Mirza is performing decently at the box office. The first-weekend collection of the film stood at Rs. 22.79 crore. However, a trade portal used negative language while filing the story of Thappad's box office collection with caption "Audience Gives TIGHT SLAP To #Thappad", and it made Anubhav furious. 

The filmmaker then went on a Twitter rant and started off by retweeting Sudhir Mishra's tweet, thereby writing, " last I checked it was an art form. My money. My movie. My profit. My loss. Who the fuck are you? Have I issued any public shares? Have you bought any??? Go watch the film. Like it. Hate it. Your call"

Futhermore, he called out the said 'trade pundits' and commented, "#THAPPAD has stamped all over their sinister designs. I was prepared. I FUCKED them on all counts. These fucking rodents. So called trade fucking Pundits. Inflate collections of Star movies by tens of crores for money. Any more shot and I will write names here. Been around 30 yrs"

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Claiming that he makes films with his own money so no one should have a problem with it, Anubhav added, "Just for the record. I make films with my own money. Or my friends’ money who can’t stop working with me. I make movies for the hugs I get. The life I live that they can only dream of is just a byproduct. Okay??? So shut the fuck up and shove your political agendas up your arse."

However, he later apologised for his foul language and wrote, "My apologies for my language ladies. Sincerely. It is the love of those 150 people who made Thappad for the film that was being disrespected that shot me off. Apologies to all women and elders and younger ones on my timeline. SORRY!!!"

Thappad, which deals with domestic violence, opened on February 28 to rave reviews from critics.

(Source: Twitter)