Sachin-Jigar launch 'Gujarat Cultural Movement' with their song 'Beni' offering an insight into the rich and varied culture


Bollywood's leading music composer duo Sachin-Jigar launched their initiative 'Gujarat Cultural Movement' with the song Beni that embodies the diverse cultural elements of the state, reflecting upon the rich and varied heritage of Gujarat.

Expressing gratitude towards the love and support received by their fans, Sachin and Jigar penned a heartfelt note and announced their initiative 'Gujarat Cultural Movement' that aims to provide a platform to aspiring artists across various fields such as singing, dancing, music composing, stand up comedy, or any other form that highlights the Gujarati ethnicity. The YouTube channel of Sachin-Jigar, would feature videos of artists that desire to show their talents after sorting entries from aspirants received on mail.

Embarking upon the bond shared by siblings, Beni addresses the wider expression of unity and togetherness shared by the society that is bound with love. Featuring various artists from different fields, the music video is shot across places from Baroda to Kutch offering a peek into the geographical as well as cultural wealth of the state. Recording emotional journeys of real-life siblings from local villages, 'Beni' is an emotional experience. 

Talking about the song Beni, Jigar Saraiya said, "A sister plays various roles in an individual's life, Beni is an ode to the pure and special bond shared by siblings, which also signifies the feeling of togetherness shared by a community. We have recorded the different aspects of the relationship at various stages of life, bringing out the cultural beauty of Gujarat at the same time." 

Sachin Sanghavi added, "It has been a very special experience collaborating with some of the most wonderful personalities in the Gujarati industry for 'Beni'.  We are blessed with a heritage of rich ethnicity in the form of our literature and varied art forms, it is very gratifying to contribute in any way towards our culture. "

(Source: YouTube)