I asked him questions as a common man: Akshay Kumar on turning journalist and interviewing PM Narendra Modi prior to 2019 General Elections


Akshay Kumar was elated to have interviewed Prime Minister Narendra Modi just prior to the 2019 elections and received a tremendous response to the non-political interview. Today, at a media conclave he spoke about his experience of interviewing the most important man of the country. He said that ‘anyone would have jumped’ at the chance to interview the PM reiterating the fact that he took up the conversation as a common man.

Talking about his approach to the session, he said, “Anyone would have jumped at the chance of interviewing PM Modi. I went without any preparation and asked him questions as a common man. Even the PM was taken aback by the kind of questions I was asking - about jokes he tells and whether he likes mangoes. He was sweet enough to answer my questions, he could’ve had me thrown out.”

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Akshay’s turn as a journalist drew a lot of applause from the people as it showed a new facet of PM Modi who had also joked about Akshay's wife Twinkle Khanna’s articles and knack of pulling everyone’s leg. Akshay was also asked about the different political ideology that he and his wife has, to this he said, “Yes, I and my wife have different ideologies. At my home the situation is such that we watch Republic TV one day while having dinner and NDTV the other day. Now we have reached a consensus and we watch ABP TV.”

(Source: Hindustan Times Leadership Summit)