Being angry and short-tempered does not make you bipolar: Hrithik Roshan’s sister Sunaina on health rumours

Hrithik Roshan’s sister Sunaina Roshan was in the news for a possible health scare recently. It was reported that Sunaina was hospitalized over due to bipolar disorder and was under critical care. According to the buzz it was reported that Sunaina was kept under observation for over 24 hours due to some psychological condition. However, Sunaina has dismissed these reports by posting a hale-and-hearty picture of herself on social media and wrote that she does not suffer from any kind of mental issue.

She told an entertainment portal about her medical history and said, “I was at a London hospital in December for a few weeks for alcohol rehab but I came out clean. After my father got diagnosed with throat cancer, I was with my family to give him my support. He was battling cancer and then, I did not take to any medication. I prayed for his health. Why would I need any medication now and where is the question of being in a hospital arise from?”

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She further spoke about the reports where she was branded as suffering from bipolar disorder and said, “Being angry and short-tempered does not make you bipolar and nor have I ever suffered or been treated for a bipolar disorder, which causes shifts in mood and energy. I have been maintaining my diet and lost a lot of weight but otherwise, I am physically and mentally completely fine.. I wouldn’t have stayed at a hotel these last few days if I wasn’t okay." She in fact, even sent out a cryptic tweet on Sunday. She had also slammed the publication that had reported of her supposed illness. 

Well, it’s heartening to know that Sunaina is hale and hearty and thriving.

(Source: PinkVilla/Twitter)