Despite multiple reminders, Kangana Ranaut and Rangoli Chandel are yet to record their statement in alleged assault case against Aditya Pancholi

As per a report in a leading daily on Wednesday, Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli Chandel are yet to record their statement(s) with the Versova Police for alleged assault and exploitation against Aditya Pancholi. Aditya, at the Versova Police station, had filed a case against the Ranaut sisters after he allegedly received threats from their lawyer of filing a rape case against him. 

According to the Versova Police, Kangana and Rangoli are yet to come forward to record the statement(s) despite sending several reminder applications to them. The reports in the daily also suggested that a fresh reminder was issued to Kangana after she returned from Cannes. So much so that the police also tried to reach her manager and Rangoli but in vain as there was no response from either of them.

File picture of Kangana Ranaut and Rangoli Chandel

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On May 15, had exclusively found the video clipping of the sting operation performed by Aditya with the lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui where the latter is heard threatening the actor. In response to the sting operation video and the case against them, Rangoli, on Twitter shared an audio clip of Aditya and Rizwan to prove that they share a brotherly relationship and said there were no threats given to the actor by the lawyer. In addition to the video, Rizwan filed a case against Aditya for exposing the actor's name unethically through sting operation.

(Source: Times Of India)