King of India, Protector of the realm, Breaker of chains and Killer of corruption: This is how Twitter reacted to Narendra Modi's Lok Sabha election win


As Prime Minister Narendra Modi readied for a second term, Twitterati used memes and references from the hit fantasy show Game Of Thrones to hail his win.

Game Of Thrones officially ended for Indians on Monday and one Twitter user pointed out as several memes and references of the show emerged on election result day on Thursday. "Since Game Of Thrones season 8 finale was miserable, Modiji made sure fans at least enjoy this election finale," tweeted another user.

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Giving a twist to the titles of Daenerys Targaryen from the fantasy show, one Twitter user hailed Modi as "the first of his name, King of India, Protector of the realm, Breaker of chains and Killer of corruption." Another social media user wrote, "All hail His Grace, Narendra of the House Modi, First of his Name, Ruler of Bharatiyas, Lord of the North, South (partly), East, West and North East, Protector of the Realm, Breaker of Chains, Harbinger of Vikas, Scourge of traitors and Baap of all seculars."

One user got creative and made comparisons between Game of Thrones characters and Indian politicians: 

For Congress fans (or haters): 

For a lot of Game Of Thrones fans, the vote counting day was equivalent to the "real Game of Thrones finale". One netizen was reminded of Cersei Lannister's famous dialogue: "When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die!" Lending it a 'desi' touch, the user wrote, "Modi: When I play game of thrones, I win or I win!"

Game Of Thrones, which lasted 8 seasons since starting in 2011, ended on May 19, which was also the day the seven-phase elections concluded. The fandom for the show reflected throughout the election season in India as political parties, the Election Commission and the Press Information Bureau used its dialogues and imagery to drive messages to citizens.

(Source: IANS, Twitter, Game of Thrones)