Avantika Malik drops 'Khan' surname from her Instagram handle; adds fuel to the rumour of divorce with husband Imran Khan


On Tuesday morning, we woke up to sad and heartbreaking news of another happy couple hitting the rough patch. The couple was Imran Khan and Avantika Malik. As per reports of a leading daily, Avantika had relocated with their daughter Imara to her parents' residence. Shutting down all rumours, Avantika's mother Vandana Malik, on Wednesday told an entertainment portal that news of divorce is 'absolutely not true' and informed that the couple is facing some differences which will be solved soon. 

On the contrary to Vandana's statement and as per a new development on this rumour, Avantika changed her name on her Instagram profile from 'Avantika Khan' to 'Avantika Malik'. The surname 'Khan' is still a part of her Instagram handle.

Avantika Malik's Instagram profile name

Avantika Malik's Instagram handle


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Well, the change in name came immediately after Avantika's mother Vandana gave the statement that everything is okay and divorce rumours are false. Now, it remains to difficult to understand what is true and what is false. While her mother has a different story to tell, cryptic hints name change adds fuel to the rumour. Also, we found one thing strange and that too amidst such news that Avantika's Instagram profile picture is with her daughter and Imran seems to be absent from the frame. 

(Source: Instagram)